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Dyess Vet Clinic | 941 Hospital Road | 325-696-3367 | DSN 312-461-3366

The Vet Clinic provides wellness services for pets including annual immunization, treatments for skin disorders, eye and ear infections, microchipping and health certificates for travel. Heartworm prevention, flea and tick medication, vitamins, dental kits and shampoos are available for purchase at the resale counter. Equine vaccination clinics are also periodically offered. Call the clinic for details.

Residents of base housing are required to register their pets with the Vet Clinic within five days. Bring the animal’s shot record with you at registration time or get vaccinated there. Dogs are required to be on heartworm prevention as well.

There is a dangerous dog restriction for housing residents. Pets residing off base and within Abilene city limits are required to wear a city license. Licenses are available at veterinary services. Abilene and Dyess enforce a leash law.