Newcomers Info

Reporting Procedures

The security guard at the front gate can direct you to the Inns of Dyess, the 24-hour arrival point for the base. If you arrive during duty hours, report directly to your duty section, then to your respective Group Commander’s Support Staff (CSS)/Group Orderly Room. If you arrive after duty hours, you should report to your duty section on the first duty day, then to your Group Commander’s Support Staff/Group Orderly Room to in-process and to schedule appointments for the Wing Right Start briefing.

Shortly after your arrival, you’ll join the the Right Start program; family members are encouraged to attend. At Right Start, you will receive mission briefings from senior officers and view a video presentation about the history of Dyess and its relationship with the Abilene community. You’ll receive informative briefings from organizations such as wing safety, base services, the fitness center and the chapel. An integral part of Right Start is the information fair. Your commander’s support staff will schedule you for the Right Start briefing upon your arrival.

You will need to turn in your records when you in-process, so please have them with you. Assistance with in-processing is yet another area where your sponsor can provide invaluable assistance.